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“I have always had issues with wax build-up. In the past I have typically had my ears flushed as we headed into spring and I am likely to be in the water more. I heard about Dr Gerry and the way in which they vacuum the wax out under a microscope, rather than the past where a nurse would flush out my wax …and keep flushing…until the last of the wax came out in a tray I held under my ear. Yuck. Not only was there no ’trial and error’ with the vacuum method used at Coolangatta Ear Clinic, but I didn’t have that period after flushing where you feel like you have had a fire hose in your ear. Amazingly more comfortable and professional and there was instant clarity with my hearing. I would recommend Dr Gerry and Coolangatta Ear Clinic to anyone. I will be going back six monthly, instead of annually, so I don’t get to the fully blocked canals I had when I went in there for the first time”

John, Palm Beach

My experience with Dr Malouf has been very positive. He has approached my worries with the utmost professionalism and made me feel relaxed and confident with my treatment.


After the operation, my nose was all clear and I was able to breathe after years of having a blocked nose.


Fantastic result. I’m now breathing with ease.


We are so impressed with the outcome of our son’s surgery and care with Dr Malouf. He is cheerful, informative and professional. It’s been a pleasure to interact with both Dr Malouf and his team.


Dr Malouf listened carefully to my description of my illness. He checked me over thoroughly and I am very happy with his diagnosis.


Dr Malouf has looked after my daughter for over three years. He is friendly and always takes time to answer all my questions. He is lovely and my daughter loves talking with him.


Very professional, informative and always makes me feel comfortable.


The Coolangatta Ear Clinic is very efficient. They don’t keep you waiting too long like many other Doctor’s surgeries do. Dr Gerry is absolutely lovely.