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Coolangatta Ear Clinic provides GP administered ear care under the supervision of an ENT Surgeon to ensure that you achieve optimal hearing.

Blue C Building – 5/3 Mclean St., Coolangatta Qld 4225

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About Coolangatta Ear Clinic

Coolangatta Ear Clinic is a long established Ear Clinic operated by General Practitioners but more importantly, it is the only Ear Clinic supervised by an Ear, Nose and Throat Surgeon. Our Doctors are not only trained by ENT Surgeon, Dr Malouf, but continue to be monitored by him, even after our many years of experience working in the Coolangatta Ear Clinic.  This is a very important factor to consider in selecting a provider for your ear and hearing care.

Ear microsuction is more than just another method of wax removal.  It is a highly skilled, delicate procedure which is only safe when performed by appropriately trained Doctors – again something important to check in selecting a provider.

Patient Care

The Coolangatta Ear Clinic is home to specialist ear GPs, Dr Catherine Gerry and Dr Deidre McCormack.

Our Doctors have over 20 years experience between them and specialise in a range of ear related issues including ear wax removal and hearing loss. The Coolangatta Ear Clinic uses the latest Microsuction technology to safely and effectively manage problems of the external ear canal.

The ear is a complicated part of the body and is made up of several different chambers. Due to its sensitivity as the organ for hearing and balance, it is important that only trusted and experienced professionals manage your ear problems.

The Coolangatta Ear Clinic treats patients with the following issues: