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Do conversations get lost in crowded rooms, or do your friends and family have to keep repeating themselves when you didn’t hear what they asked you the first time—or times?


Do you have to keep one eye on the pollen forecast to predict whether or not you’ll be able to breathe the next day? Are sinus pressure, nasal drainage and congestion driving you to distraction and exhaustion?


Are your children suffering from persistent sore throats? Is your thyroid turning your life on its head and draining your energy? Is snoring making it difficult to get a good night’s sleep — for you or your loved ones?

Appointment referrals

All appointments for ENT services require a referral from either a GP, an audiologist, another specialist or a dentist. Many GPs already have a referral form to Malouf Medical in their practice management system or they may upload the template from the selection below.

Referral Templates

Below are download links to templates for use in Best Practice (BP) and Medical Director (MD) practice management software.


Instructions (PDF) ENT Referral (ZIP) Sleep Referral (ZIP)


Instructions (PDF) ENT Referral (ZIP) Sleep Referral (ZIP)

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