Paediatric Ear Nose and Throat Care

Both parents often work nowadays, and lead very busy lives. When a child in the family additionally has poor health, it can be quite a stressful time for the whole family. 

Dr. Malouf’s experience has led him to believe that when you treat a child’s ear, nose and throat problems, or snoring or sleep disordered breathing issues, you are not only benefiting the child, you are also benefiting the entire family. 

Therefore at Malouf Medical we give parents of these children special priority. We undertake to see all children within 10 days of booking an appointment with a valid referral.

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Tonsils and Adenoids

Tonsils are two oval shaped lymphoid tissues at the back of the throat. Their main purpose is to defend the body against infections.

Adenoids are an enlarged lymphatic tissue nestled in the back of our noses, which produce antibodies to help fight infections.


This procedure removes the tonsils from each side of the throat which can assist with conditions such as:

  • recurring sore throats
  • recurring tonsillitis


This procedure is the surgical removal of this tissue which can help reduce:

  • Ear infections
  • Snoring
  • Nasal passageway obstruction
  • Recurrent bouts of nasal discharge

Chronic and Recurring Ear Infections

(Otitis Media) / Grommets

The Eustachian tube is the small tube that drains fluid from the middle ear. In children this is more susceptible to malfunction. This is predominantly due to its smaller size and position. In children, the Eustachian tubes can be slightly more horizontal making drainage less effective.

If an infection progresses or is left without treatment, it can occasionally cause the eardrum to rupture. Sometimes, the insertion of small tubes known as grommets can assist in drainage and aeration of the middle ear and reduce the number of infections. 

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Hearing Loss / Speech Delay

Hearing Loss / Speech Delay

The most common cause of hearing loss in children is fluid accumulation (glue) in the middle ear.  This is as a result of Eustachian tube dysfunction. Hearing loss in children can also, less commonly, be as a result of neonatal medication or illness, trauma and genetics.

If you are concerned about a child in your care, we recommend booking your child in for a detailed audiogram and exam with Sunshine Hearing Clinic.  They are conveniently located near our clinic and if required, can refer for an ENT appointment.

Sinus Conditions

Sinusitis (also known as rhinosinusitis) symptoms in children include:

  • Persistent cough
  • Bad breath
  • Tiredness
  • Irritability – trouble controlling temper/crankiness
  • Swelling (“bags”) around or under the eyes
  • Thick discharge from the nose

Treatment for this is varied depending on severity.

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Tonsillitis and tonsillectomy for children

The tonsils consist of two oval shaped lymphoid tissue aggregates at the back of the throat. It is believed that their main purpose is to defend the body against infections, although in doing so are susceptible to bacteria and viral infections. If the infections happen regularly or the tonsils are enlarged and/or causing breathing issues, they are usually removed (called a Tonsillectomy) to improve long term quality of life for patients.  This is a very common procedure, and reportedly is one of the most commonly performed surgical procedures in Australia and America.

Common conditions that may require a Tonsillectomy:

  • Chronic / severe tonsillitis
  • Abscess formation (Quinsy)
  • Persistent and recurring Strep Throat
  • Enlarged tonsils (resulting in sleep apnoeas, snoring or laboured breathing)
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Our Promise to our patients:

DR Lindquist has undertaken a Specialist Paediatric ENT Fellowship, and understands how stressful an unwell child can be. We aim to see our paediatric patients quickly, and Dr Lindquist is happy to accommodate urgent appointments when requested by your GP.

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Appointment referrals

All appointments for ENT services require a referral from either a GP, another specialist or a dentist.