Treatment Plans

Treatment Plans

The SleepGP takes an active and diagnostic role in the treatment and ongoing management of Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (OSA) by putting GPs specially trained in sleep medicine at the centre of patient care.

Over the last 5 years, The SleepGP has helped over 5000 patients to successfully manage their sleep disorder and reduce their snoring.

Treating OSA

A wide range of self appointed ‘CPAP experts’ have sprung up in recent years, many online based, and most with the primary motivation of selling as many CPAP machines as possible. A large proportion of CPAP users lapse because they have not been fully and clinically assessed, because they got the wrong therapy and because aftercare was virtually non-existent after the CPAP sales organisation had taken the patients hard earned money.

CPAP sales are NOT The SleepGP’s main driver. At The Sleep GP, we want patients to be properly diagnosed, and treated with the right therapy. There is a range of ways to treat OSA depending on the severity of the diagnosis.

The SleepGP understands that every patient is different and a one-fix solution won’t resolve every sleep issue. The SleepGP does not automatically recommend CPAP devices as a treatment solution, unless it is absolutely our professional judgement that this is the recommended therapy, and we offer an obligation free trial of a device.

Depending on the severity, some people can manage a mild disorder by losing weight, reducing alcohol consumption or adjusting sleep positions. Some patients with moderate or severe OSA will be better suited to a positioning device or a jaw advancement splint, and in some limited cases, surgery.

Our Process

At The SleepGP, we are committed to being totally transparent with you about what our patients can expect on their journey through diagnosis and treatment, to an improved quality of life:

  • You will receive a referral for a Sleep Study from your GP
  • You then contact us at The SleepGP Coolangatta to make an appointment at a time that is convenient for you
  • You will meet with our Sleep Care Coordinator for approximately 45 minutes who will take your bio-metrics, complete an iPad-based lifestyle survey, conduct a rhinomanometry test, and then show you how to conduct your in- home sleep study. You will also make a follow-up consult appointment at this time.
  • Your sleep study will be conducted in the comfort of your own home. It will be applied by you as per your simple hook-up instructions, but it will start and finish automatically.
  • You will return the sleep study machine to the clinic the following day
  • The sleep study is downloaded at our clinic and sent for scoring by a Sleep Scientist and reporting by a Sleep Physician.
  • You will return to see us two weeks later at a pre-arranged appointment with The SleepGP where they will conduct a thorough examination of your airway, give you the results of your sleep study and an individualised treatment plan.
  • The Sleep Care Coordinator will then take you through the treatment plan and you will enter a trial phase of suggested therapies.
  • Our Sleep Care Coordinator will arrange the appropriate appointments and follow-ups with you and conduct an oximetry study at the 10 -14 day mark of your therapy trial.
  • Our Sleep Care Coordinator will then support you through the relevant therapy trials until the most effective treatment for you is agreed.
  • You will purchase the appropriate treatment device. The Sleep GP has arranged competitive prices, accessories, warranties etc on the full range of therapies
  • Our Sleep Care Coordinator continue to support you to ensure you settle into using your therapy, answer any questions you may have, and monitor the effectiveness of your treatment plan over the next twelve months – at no extra charge to ensure your therapy is successfully managing your OSA.

Ongoing Support

The support from The SleepGP doesn’t stop once you have received a diagnosis.

We often see OSA sufferers who have abandoned treatment due to a lack of support and monitoring from another provider, and we are happy to have an obligation free conversation about how to get your sleep care underway again in a fully supported environment.

At The SleepGP, we believe that the aftercare is just as important as the diagnosis and treatment and we act as your sleep ‘coach’. At the SleepGP, aftercare includes:

  • Unlimited access to your local SleepGP with formal periodic reviews to ensure you’re achieving optimum sleep, oxygenation and reduction in snoring.
  • Ongoing online monitoring.
  • Regular product updates, such as masks. Mask trials are available at no cost for SleepGP patients.
  • Regular complimentary checks and clean of your device.
  • In the unlikely event you have an issue with your device, generally a same day replacement is available whilst your device is being repaired. The repair will be arranged by our Sleep Care Coordinator.